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By proposing your vehicle you register in a process driven by different values :

User Reviews

What I like most on Twiiscar, is the fact that users under-go a four-level ID verification process which makes it secured and reliable.

— Amanda T.

J'aime bien le service Twiiscar, sa facilite et augmenter mes chances de voyager moins cher et en toute confiance.

— Wafo L.

Je trouve que un tel service va ameliorer le transport au Cameroun. Surtout dans la measure ou il suffit juste d'avoir un telephone avec conexion internet pour reservez une place pour demain sans ce deplacez.

— Daniel M.

How it works

Simple and Ecomonic : Easily reserve your places online and travel at a cheaper cost, in all confidence. Even at the last minute !

1. Find your ride
Enter your departure town along with your departure date and choose between proposed drivers the ride that is convinient to you. If you need some precisions on the ride, you can send a message to Twiiscar Team via the client chat on the site.
Consult the verified profile of driver's photo and bio. Learn more on the confidentiality of the community
2. Book online
Book your seat online. You'll get the car owner's phone number to arrange the final details.
Ofcourse, if you can't make it, you dispose of a cancelliing condition
3. Travel together
Meeting at the departure place said, on time. Bring exact change to pay the car owner the agreed contribution during the ride.
Safe Ride !

Economic and convivial : Share your fees by enquiring nice passangers during your long rides in your car.

1. Publish your ride
Indicate the date and time of your ride, direction and price per passenger. Manual acceptation is the default choice : In Manual Acceptation, you confirm each passenger yourself.
Twiiscar recommends you not to enter normal prices like that of traveling agences, or you will not have enough passangers
2. Your passangers reserve
When a passanger books a seat in your car, you'll immediately get their phone number to arrange the final details.
You can check out the details of your ride group anytime you log in to Twiiscar.
3. Travel Together
Agree on your specific pick-up and drop-off points with your passengers before the ride.
Dont forget to upload your picture and the one of your car on your member profile : thus passanger will regconise you easier after your ride.
4. Your Passangers Pay You
Meeting at the departure place as said, on time. Your co-travellers will pay you their contribution in cash during the ride.

Trust & Safety

Twiiscar uses HyperText Transfer Protocol over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to transfer and display Web content securely. Users on Twiiscar undergoes a verification process which makes it safe and secured. Today, you can share your ride by meeting with the right people.

- Singah C.(Twiiscar Manager)